Join us

We don’t currently have any permanent positions, but want to hear from people passionate about tackling climate change and interested in:

  • joining us as we grow beyond our founding team 
  • working with us on short-term projects
  • providing ad hoc scientific advice

If this sounds like you, please email explaining your interest and how you can help attaching your CV. We are particularly keen to hear from the following: 

  1. Climate scientists

We’re working on F-gases because of their outsize impact on the climate. Understanding the science of GWP measurements is really important to us. We’d love to hear from you if you could provide us with ad hoc advice on F-gas warming impacts.

  1. Environmental scientists

We know F-gases impact more than the climate: many are classed as PFAS or “forever chemicals”. We’re keen to learn more about this aspect of F-gases so we can communicate it accurately and effectively. 

  1. Chemists and engineers

We are working on the monitoring and capture of fluorinated gases. We are starting with sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), then we will be developing solutions suitable for HFC gases. We are always interested to hear from people that have a good theoretical understanding of fluorinated gases or excellent practical engineering experience of working with them.